The Company

The creation of the Russo Company — a real estate services company stemming from a privately managed real estate investment company — was long overdue. As our career in real estate investing unfolded, our network rapidly expanded. What began with the provision of holistic, yet informal assistance to our close network turned into demand for more turnkey solutions. Eventually, we had no choice but to recognize a peculiarity in the real estate industry: the nonexistence of any centralized, full-service real estate firms offering qualified service in all facets of real estate. Investors complained that procuring help with their real estate investing involved the arduous task of invoking several distinct organizations to effectuate any real estate related ambition. Investors noted this resulted in conflicts of interest, inefficiency, exorbitant cost and, ultimately, a real estate investment process rendered unprofitable and unfeasible. Notably, our ability to fully integrate and control all phases of the real estate investment procedure is precisely what makes us unique and competitive on the market — this is undoubtedly the characteristic most attributable to our own sucess in real estate investing.

As a result, we decided to conceptualize and formalize a formal entity to better suit our clients. We expanded and reinvented our team to effectively offer services for any real estate related endeavor. In doing this, we strive to provide unparalleled service for our clients and share our experience benefiting from a proven, certain investment mechanism to create and preserve sustainable, long-term wealth for those interested in the same — something we see the value in and are truly passionate about.