Property Management

Over time, we have continuously tailored our approach to property management. With the adoption of sophisticated, yet user-friendly technology we have created systems to accommodate direct investor management and avoid delegation to third-party management companies. Our third-party affiliate guarantees transparency and reduces cost by allowing investors to retain direct control over their properties. Adoption of this technology grants any investor centralized access to the management of their entire real estate portfolio, with the ability to:
1. Automatically generate analytics, income statements, balance sheets, rent rolls, tax forms, invoices, bills, or other reports to provide clear insight on the financials and performance of the portfolio through a sophisticated and centralized interface and provide third-parties with documentation
2. Enhance tenant relations, retention and satisfaction by providing them a portal to remit payment online via a certified and secure third-party payment processor, place work orders or communicate with management, submit or access important documentation such as lease agreements, and more.
3. Easily retain control while managing and delegating employee responsibility through a detailed and highly customizable account access system prioritizing remote work and work-from-home environments while promoting accountability

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