Financing continues to be regarded as a practice that, in its undertaking, is external and distinct from a real estate investment. As a practical matter, that is true, but financing continues to have enormous implications for any real estate investment. Proper understanding of and capitalization on financing serves to drastically enhance the results of a transaction. What is more, improper use of financing can lead to disastrous results — regardless of the merits of the investment itself or the effort allocated to the same.

Our assistance in procuring competitive financing through our network of direct lenders will help you avoid unnecessary fees incurred when originating a mortgage, secure the most competitive financing while avoiding common pitfalls, and understand the complex nature of how financing works and its effects on an investment in real estate.

We also offer private first and second secured loans as well as non-collateralized and non-recourse hard-money loans for real estate investing, subject to qualifications.

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