Fabio Russo

Fabio immigrated to the United States in 1989 and immediately began his career in real estate as a licensed real estate and mortgage broker providing real estate transaction, escrow, mortgage and other services to clients. After a successful career assisting clients and amidst the proliferation of a strong client base, Fabio began to act as principal in transactions to create his own real estate portfolio. Fabio's career quickly ascended from single family homes and small complexes to large residential multifamily complexes and commercial retail centers containing hundreds of units. Through his 40-plus year career, Fabio has been continuously exposed to and involved in every facet of a real estate investment and has formulated various types of proven investment strategies that have exponentially grown the portfolios of his clients and helped them avoid the same pitfalls he faced.

Fabio's story in real estate began with nothing — a testament to the fact that real estate investing continues to be one of, if not the most, effective ways of achieving financial independence. Fabio is passionate about sharing his story and the principles and values attributable to his success, as well as helping others in the achieving the same.